Message from New Poweshiek County Republican Party Chairman — 1 Comment

  1. Good Morning Sir:
    Just read your message to the Powershiek Committee and let me add a congrat’s as well.
    My name is Tom Sims and I’m on the committee in Iowa County. Driving one day, I came up with the idea we should have a 4-County Best Ball Scramble Golf Outing as a fundraiser in the 1st or 2nd weekend in May of 2020! As always, if it is your idea, you see if it will fly. I have completed a few preliminary inquiries, made a few sponsors’ inputs, and had talked with Benton County, who are on board and would like to converse with you as well. It has been a very busy fall with lots of 70 hour weeks in sometimes less than good phone reception areas but please give me a call at your convenience as listed below. Thank You, and once again, Congratulation on your election to Chair.

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